Word of Mouth. The Best Marketing EVER.

As a small niche company we are conscious of positioning ourselves correctly in the already saturated contract catering market. On the 20 April a publicity gift was handed to us, this is what happened.

First, some background

Jamie Oliver is on a mission again to teach people how to eat healthy food, especially in schools and more importantly, this time, in America. You can follow his ‘Food Revolution” journey here. Jamie’s project resonated with us as we are on a similar mission in the Education sector here in South Africa, on a MUCH smaller scale.

We have been contracted to Bridge House School in the winelands since the beginning of this year and have worked tirelessly to offer a fantastic product and service. We have not gone all out on excessive marketing,  as we believe our authenticity will speak for us when we deliver what we promised our client and word will travel.

On to the Story

On the morning of the 20th April, Radio 5 and the DJ Gareth Cliff  [morning show] asked his audience to contact them about their school catering and he referenced Jamie’s’ Food Revolution. Most calls were negative until Gareth read out a message from the Bridge House Boarding House written by the boarders who gave only positive rave reviews of our food. We did not see that coming and we certainly did not pay for it, we could however, not be more grateful to the boarders for acknowledging all the hard work our people put in every day.

For a small company like ours, that kind of marketing is a gift and it set off a chain of events and connections. There is truly no marketing as valuable as word of mouth, not to mention winning the trust of your customers – nothing feels as great. Now all we have to do is stay there! The lesson confirmed for us, is that we all know [as customers of some brand/company ourselves] that if a company delivers what they say they can consistently and with great passion they gain your loyalty….loyalty is a wonderful ‘currency’ in a world with so much choice.

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